// Camera Roll: Some Old Makeup Looks

Eye model: Angela Sasso | Makeup by: Holly Anne Silva
Things have been crazy busy for me! Between my volunteer work, my full-time job, my SECOND job (it was only seasonal, so I'm back now!) and the move into my house, I've barely had time for anything.

I wanted to use this post (and this bandwidth LOL) to show y'all some of the old makeup looks I've done, but never had a chance to blog about.

If you want any step-by-step tutorials for these, or simply want to know that products I used, leave a comment below and I'll tell ya!

As always, thank you all for reading my posts. I really do appreciate it and hope you guys enjoy what you've been seeing on here. I'd love if you guys left some commentsgive me feedback and ask me questions!


with love,

holly ✨