// The NEW 2024 Happy Planner Simply Planners!


The Happy Planner released a brand new layout this past summer - the Simply Layout - & it's been literally perfect for me. 

Yep. I have planner peace in this layout. I can hardly believe it myself.

So when they dropped their 2024 lineup on their website, I was sure they'd release a Simply layout .. but they didn't. I messaged their customer service department and the representative told me that there were no plans to release any for the 2024 calendar year - and that maybe they'd release a July-June planner in their spring release. I was so devastated! I looked at other layouts, but nothing was calling me. I didn't know what I was going to do. Until .. 


I found only two different Simply planners - but both were exactly what I needed. A Classic and a Mini. Both with minimal, neutral monthly and weekly spreads. 

The Classic is a Disney100 planner. It's SO CUTE! All the monthly dashboards feature adorable Disney characters. 

The Mini is a "Getaway Vibes" theme. Fitting for what I'm using it for - work. 😂

I flipped through BOTH of them on my YouTube channel if you want a detailed view of 'em! 

As of now, I haven't seen any more, but if you're in need of a Simply layout, you can get either of these planners at Walmart. The Classic is only $19.98 & the Mini is only $12.98!

2024 Simply by Happy Planner 12-Month Planner, Classic- 7" x 9.5", Disney Musical Wonder

2024 Simply by Happy Planner 12-Month Planner, Mini- 4.625 x 7, Getaway Vibes

Annnnd here are the flip-throughs! I CANNOT wait to set them up! 🤗✨


with love,

holly ✨