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// Links From My Recent Shein Haul

Hey, friend! ♥

I am back again with a little adorable Shein haul. I didn't buy clothes this time around, but if you're looking for some cute accessories, look no further. I gotchu, boo!

Also, thank you so, so much for 15k on TikTok! I am so thankful, truly! 

If you're not already friends with me over on TikTok, connect with me here!

Without further ado, here's all the links you've been looking for!

Heart Pattern Phone Case ♥ $1.50

A Preview of My 2023 Planner Lineup!

 Y'all! Is it really almost 2023?!

I can't even. This year just flew by. It had so many ups & downs. I learned a lot of lessons & experienced a lot of growth. 

I want to do even better in 2023. For this reason, I had to put a lot of thought into a planner lineup. If you're a non-planner, a planner lineup is basically your chosen set of planners for the year. Some people only use one planner. Others use a digital planner. For me, I am using four planners which will all serve a different purpose & I am so excited.

It took a long time for me to decide on a lineup. I have verrrry specific requirements re: the paper, the size & the layout. I need lined layouts and smudge-proof paper, since I'm left-handed. I searched high and low for the perfect planners and ended defaulting back to two of my favorite brands: Hobonichi & The Happy Planner.

I'm sooo late to the game this year; my planners haven't even arrived yet! But I did want to show you which planners I ended up buying & what I'll be using them for! So, without further ado ..

SURPRISE! I Launched an Etsy Shop!

 Last week, I launched an Etsy shop and I'm selling planner charms!

I'd been wanting to do this for so damn long. I've literally dreamed of it for years. It wasn't until about two months ago that I finally decided to just do it. So I studied and watched videos and purchased supplies and practiced a whole lot. And then I just went ahead and created some listings! I'll eventually list some other planner accessories, but I kept this launch small because I wanted to list some holiday stuff. I plan to restock weekly if possible.

// Links From My Shein & Nail Haul

 Oh, hey again!

First of all, did y'all know that Shein sells nail things? I would never buy nail chemicals, polish or anything like that from a website like Shein - but tools, files & decals are fair game. So I ordered a ton of stuff & I'm sharing the links below!

You'll also find some links to a few other things that I ordered. If you want to see the haul, give me a follow on TikTok!

// Links from my HUGE Five-Part Shein Haul!

 Hey, friends!

I'm back & better than ever. After so many years of posting on social media, developing my voice & my brand, & figuring out what I wanted to share, I am ready to get back on this blog & expand my post topics.

I've been sharing a lot more on TikTok. Most recently, I've been sharing hauls, & y'all have been truly loving them. I kept wondering how I could most easily share links to the items I'm buying (because so many of you are asking), & I realized that creating lists, right here on this blog, would be so easy & helpful! So today I am sharing links to my most recent Shein finds from my HUGE five-part Shein haul on July 6th. Enjoy!

Boba Tea Charger Protector // $3

// The Happy Planner Spring Release!

 It's that time of year again, y'all! 

The Happy Planner finally announced their Spring release! 

The Spring release is always my favorite! They just always release such good planners and sticker books and lines. Today, Mariel from @momandagirlwithplans went live on the Happy Planner Instagram and introduced some of the line - and let me just say - I'm drooling over this entire release.

A spread created with the "Indigo" sticker book

// Launch: ColourPop Cosmetics x Animal Crossing

The day is FINALLY here!

ColourPop Cosmetics has released some suuuuper awesome collabs before (The Mandalorian, Disney & Sailor Moon, to name a few) but none compare to their most recent collab: Animal Crossing!

Let me set the tone for this entire blog post by saying that I'm completely obsessed with all things Animal Crossing. I was 10 years old when the very first game launched for the GameCube - and I was instantly hooked. I played for hours on end. I've carried my obsession with me for 20 years now - and when they announced the release of the newest game (Animal Crossing: New Horizons) for the Nintendo Switch, I felt like my life was whole.