// Makeup Of The Day: Edgy Pink & Purple


This may perhaps be one of the best looks I've ever done! I love the edginess and pure glamour that comes with this eye look. It's definitely an awesome evening look and I am so excited to tell you how I achieved it!

  • I primed my eyes with M.A.C's Soft Ochre Paint Pot.
  • Then I used Victoria's Secret black pencil eyeliner (yes, pencil!) to establish the shape
  • I used Carbon eye shadow by M.A.C to blend the shape a bit.
  • I used a pink shadow by Hot Topic on my top lid, inner duct and lower lid
  • I used an Urban Decay purple shadow to color the top of the wing
  • Blended all that sh*t together. 
  • Colored my brows with a pencil. (I'm a simgple gal.)
  • Applied falsies & Victoria's Secret mascara

Originally, I was going for a much darker look, but once I started blending and these vibrant colors came to life, I instantly fell in love!

I don't consider myself a professional (I'm totally self-taught), but I do love to do makeup for people for events! Do you have a wedding, sweet 16 or perhaps a hot date? Book me to do your makeup for you. Contact me today!

As always, thank you for taking the time to read my posts. I appreciate it more than you know!


with love,

holly ✨