// Links From My Recent Shein Haul

Hey, friend! ♥

I am back again with a little adorable Shein haul. I didn't buy clothes this time around, but if you're looking for some cute accessories, look no further. I gotchu, boo!

Also, thank you so, so much for 15k on TikTok! I am so thankful, truly! 

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Without further ado, here's all the links you've been looking for!

Heart Pattern Phone Case ♥ $1.50

Fluffy Wallet With Pom Pom ♥ $6.00

Heart Shaped Fluffy Bag with Charm ♥ $9.50

Pom Charm Key Chain ♥ $1.50

Evil Eye Rhinestone Keychain ♥ $3.00

Sanitary Napkin Pouch 1 ♥ $1.60

Sanitary Napkin Pouch 2 ♥ $2.40

Heart Shaped Sticky Notes ♥ $1.00

Bear Plush AirPods Case ♥ $3.50

Rhinestone Keychain Lanyard ♥ $1.50

Gummy Bear Phone Holder ♥ $2.50

Translucent White Sticky Notes ♥ $1.00

Milk Box Pencil Bag ♥ $2.00

Thank you so much for stopping by! Chat soon! 


with love,

holly ✨