// My bestie planned in my planner! We're calling it #galentinesdoplanners

 Happy Galentine's Day!

So, tomorrow is Valentine's Day and I'll be the first person to say that I really don't care for the holiday. I'm not anti-love or anything like that (in fact - I LOVE love!) but I just don't really need an excuse to show my love for my significant other (or anyone else for that matter). I do that all year long! 

But when Heather Kell (kellofaplan) introduced the hashtag #valentinesdoplanners on Instagram, I wanted in on the fun. And if you have no idea what I'm talking about, planner people get their valentines to plan the week of Valentine's Day in their planner. The only problem is that my boyfriend is SHY AF. There was no way I'd get him to agree to plan in my planner - and it definitely wasn't going to happen on camera. My immediate thought was to instead ask my best friend, Laura, to plan on camera in my planner. So I asked her and, without hesitation, she agreed!

You can watch her plan Valentine's week in my planner here!

To commemorate (and celebrate!) my best friend and galentine, I figured I'd share a few fun facts about our friendship! If you know me personally, you might already know a lot of this since, well, Laura and I are a package deal. But keep on reading because - just maybe - there's something you just didn't know!

  1. Our parents met when we were NEWBORNS! Our older brothers went to kindergarten together and our moms weren't fans of the mommy cliques - so they befriended each other. My mom told me that she has fond memories of us crawling around her Brooklyn apartment in diapers!
  2. When Laura was about 3, her family moved to a house on Long Island (an hour away from where we were all living in Brooklyn). A year later, my parents coincidentally bought a house in the same neighborhood - THREE BLOCKS AWAY FROM THEM.
  3. I attended a different school from Laura until the fifth grade. When I finally transferred schools, I miraculously ended up in the same class with her.
  4. We did everything together while growing up - from putting on "dance recitals" in the front yard to starring as leads in our high school plays. 
  5. We once got dumped on the same night and stayed up all night long BBM-ing each other because we were sad. 
  6. After college, Laura took on a part-time job with a small business and I joined the not-so-lovely land of corporate. After about two years, I realized that I loathed corporate and asked her to get me a job. And she did! We worked together for a little over a year. Until ..
  7. In 2016, we were FIRED on the same day for starting a side-hustle and not telling our boss. We didn't poach her clients or even advertise our business - we just cleaned a few friends' houses on the side. When she found out, she made us drive all the way into work (which was 40 minutes away from us) and fire us on the spot. Laura was NOT having it and stormed out!
  8. After getting fired, we decided to put the pedal to the metal and work our business full time. We tripled our gross income in the first year! You can check out our super cute company website here.
  9. We took dance classes together while growing up, and then when we got to college, we stopped. After 10 long years, we started going to dance class together again! Last year was our first year back. We dance at Royal Dance Center in Babylon. This year's number is a jazz & hip-hop dance. 
  10. We hope to one day own a house together or own two houses next door to each other, because we simply can't get enough of each other! 
I could probably dole out like 100 more random facts about our friendship, but I'll stop here! I don't think friendships like ours are common, and I definitely don't take it for granted!

OH, and here's a picture of the spread she did for me! I think she did an amazing job! Instead of #valentinesdoplanners, we're going to stick to #galentinesdoplanners from now on! 

And so, HAPPY GALENTINE'S DAY to my bestie! Thanks for being the bestest friend and galentine anyone could ever have! ♥ 


with love,

holly ✨