// Launch: ColourPop Cosmetics x Animal Crossing

The day is FINALLY here!

ColourPop Cosmetics has released some suuuuper awesome collabs before (The Mandalorian, Disney & Sailor Moon, to name a few) but none compare to their most recent collab: Animal Crossing!

Let me set the tone for this entire blog post by saying that I'm completely obsessed with all things Animal Crossing. I was 10 years old when the very first game launched for the GameCube - and I was instantly hooked. I played for hours on end. I've carried my obsession with me for 20 years now - and when they announced the release of the newest game (Animal Crossing: New Horizons) for the Nintendo Switch, I felt like my life was whole. 

Animal Crossing got me through some really dark times. The game launched on March 20, 2020 - just four days after the lockdowns in New York. It was also only 23 days after I got "sick" - I had some type of "virus" while also battling a severe mental breakdown; it all started the day my grandfather passed away from pneumonia. I was mentally incapacitated and mostly bed-bound for a little more than two weeks. So, suddenly, a pandemic started and people were dying and I was dealing with severe anxiety and my company lost more than 90 percent of its business - but there was Animal Crossing, and Tom Nook, and the entire gang of my island, so cleverly dubbed "Hawaii 2.0" - ready to save me when I needed them most. In fact, my memories of quarantine are actually quite pleasant because I spent many days cuddled up on my couch with a cup of coffee and my Nintendo Switch. 

Animal Crossing means more to me now than it ever did - and it always meant a lot! When ColourPop announced their collab, a friend sent it to me via Instagram messenger and I nearly fainted. Anyone who knows me knows that I've always loved makeup, and I'd always truly liked ColourPop products because they're affordable but also high quality. I have a few lippies that last all day and I'm always so impressed when I wear them. 

Although the entire line launched on the ColourPop website a few weeks ago, it launched at Ulta stores and on ulta.com today. I guess I got my wires crossed and missed the earlier launch on the ColourPop website, but I felt at ease knowing I'd be able to grab everything today.

And let me tell you - I almost missed it!

I arrived to Ulta ONE MINUTE after opening and grabbed everything so quickly - some items were the last of their kind! And they were already sold out of the Bellionare Glitter Gel - so I had to promptly jump on the website and order it. I'm sad that I'll need to wait a few more days to have it. So. Effing. Stressful.

The only item I wasn't able to get today! Thankfully, I was able to order it online! Source: ColourPop

ANYWAY, after finally making it home and opening everything up, I am so happy with the quality of each product. I can't wait to share some fun makeup looks with y'all - make sure you stay tuned for that!

Here are few pictures from the line! ♥

Such a beautiful makeup stack ;)

Four out of the six "Just a Tint" lippies. They are all scented! My two favorites are Cherry Cherry & Juicy Apple from the Fruit Basket duo.

The four pressed powder palettes! 

The Flower Power pressed powder blush. So pink and so pretty.

The 5 Star Island palette! I love that these colors and their names pay homage to Isabelle and resident services in such a fun way!

The Nook Inc. palette. This one might be my favorite. I'm also a sucker for Tom, Tommy and Timmy Nook so there's a chance that I'm biased!

The Balloon Pop Super Shock eyeshadow. Mine sort of broke in transit, but it's still usable (thank goodness, because this is already sold out online and I grabbed the last one in the store)!

Although some items are sold out, others are still available online! Click here to check it out. Let me know if you end up grabbing anything!


with love,

holly ✨