// Launch: VMR's Vapor Couture

These products were received complimentary for reviewing purposes by VMR.

VMR Products, one of the nation’s highest-selling electronic cigarette brands, launched the very first line of electronic cigarettes designed exclusively for women yesterday.

Vapor Couture Passeport Starter Kit

Vapor Couture, the only electronic cigarette designed exclusively for women, is the latest line that was launched by flagship company VMR Products and is sister company to V2 Cigs, a highly popular electronic cigarette brand.

The new chic and stylish line of electronic cigarettes features a slim body, available in four distinct colors with gorgeous jewel tips. The colors available are:

  • Deep Purple: a deep, dark and elegant purple with a clear jewel tip
  • Rose Gold: a beautiful rosy pink with a gorgeous golden jewel tip
  • Brushed Platinum: an eye-catching silver with a sparkling pink jewel tip
  • White Signature: white with the sophisticated Vapor Couture logo with a purple jewel tip

The reusable electronic cigarettes feature two parts – the cartridge and the battery. The disposable cartridge is available in six different flavors and four nicotine strengths – 1.8, 1.2, 0.6 and 0 percent nicotine. They also feature a built-in atomizer that produces nicotine that is almost the same temperature at the body’s natural nicotine. When exhaling, only vapor and flavor solution from the cartridge are released. The six different flavors are:

  • Bombshell: This rich, smooth blend is a great fit for tobacco lovers!
  • Fresh Mint: This wonderful and invigorating menthol is fresh, cool and delicious.
  • Rodeo Drive: The perfect hearty and rich, traditional All-American tobacco flavor.
  • Passion Fruit: Fruity and bold, this is a full-bodied flavor treat with a hint of passion.
  • Strawberry Champagne: Fruity, full-bodied flavor treated with a hint of passion.
  • Arctic Mint: Sensuous Arctic blast of minty flavor, perfect for mint and menthol lovers.

Each cartridge pack comes with five cartridges, an expiration date, and a batch number that can be entered online so that you can receive a detailed report sent directly to your inbox.

The battery is the main body of the cigarette and is a rechargeable 4.2 volt lithium-ion battery with an internal switch that manages the operation of the attached flavor cartridge. There is an LED light inside of the jewel tip that lights up each time a puff is taken. The batteries and cartridges are available in corresponding colors so that you can always have a solid-color, fashionable electronic cigarette on hand.

Along with the actual parts of the electronic cigarette, Vapor Couture also offers disposable e-cigs and gorgeous, chic accessories to go with their electronic cigarettes. They offer metal carrying cases, portable charging metal cases, charger kits (for home and the car, and they even offer UK and EU wall adaptors in case you’re traveling) stainless steel and sterling silver fluted link charm necklaces that hold the e-cig, and stunning leather clutches that protect the batteries and cartridges, and also store smartphones, credit cards, and other small items.

Vapor Couture electronic cigarettes and products are not meant to be simply for item usage, they are meant to be used as a fashion accessory for all women.

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